What types of vehicles do you use?

Most of our taxis are the familiar London cabs which can seat up to five persons.They are commonly referred to as black cabs although not all are black.

We also have a growing number of Mercedes Vito taxis which can seat six, and a few Metrocabs which also seat six.

Fares are the same regardless of the type of vehicle or number of passengers.

All our taxis are wheelchair accessible.

There is a spacious luggage compartment next to the driver although you can keep your luggage with you in the roomy passenger compartment if you wish.

All our cabs are licensed by Manchester City Council as hackney carriages (taxis) which means that they are fully insured when picking up fares on ranks or on the street. Private Hire vehicles are not insured unless they have been booked in advance.

Each taxi undergoes a rigorous inspection by council mechanics every six months to ensure that they are maintained to the highest standards. In addition, they face random spot checks on the
road by teams of police and council officers.